Makeup by MichelleContract Terms and conditions

Thank you for your interest in booking me to complete your Makeup services. Please carefully review these terms and conditions. Paying the deposit is confirmation that these terms and conditions are agreed by both parties.

Securing a date

Your date is only secure once a deposit is received, I am unable to hold dates.

Cancelation Policy

Cancelations for The full wedding must be at least 6 weeks before the date of your wedding. Cancelations after this period will mean you’re responsible for the balance owed.


 If for any reason your wedding gets postponed, I will transfer your deposit to the rearranged date if I am free. If I am not available I will refund the deposit.

Changes to the bridal Party

Please understand that if a member of your bridal party changes their mind about having their makeup done, I must be given 4 weeks’ notice before the date of the wedding. Otherwise the cost of their makeup will be charged. I apply discounts and factor in timings based on the original booking.If an additional guest asks to have their makeup applied I will of course do this if I have the time available once I have completed all members of the party as detailed on the invoice. Additional on the day makeups will be charged at £40 per person and is payable in cash on the day.

Payments must be paid in full for all services required on the wedding date at least 4 weeks before the date of the wedding. Cash on the day is no longer accepted.

I understand that some bridesmaids/mums pay for their own, this needs to be transferred to the bride, for the bride to pay the final payment in full.


Skin should be cleansed and makeup free ahead of the trial. Ideally the client should be following a skincare regime in the run up to the wedding. If skin could be exfoliated the day before the trial that would be brilliant. Skincare is incredibly important in helping how makeup looks and lasts. If you would like some advice please ask. It is advised that you wear a white top for your trial to reflect what your makeup would look like.If your having a false tan for your wedding day please also have it for your trial. I match colours and looks to your skin tone, if you’re a different skin tone on your wedding morning it can mean the makeup look needs to be completely changed to compliment your skin tone. For example blush pink tones look beautiful on paler skin but then if you have a tan these colours can look dull and not very complementary. If your having individual lashes I recommend you also have these for your trial. Applying strip lashes over individuals never look as good or fresh and therefore I advise you go for one or the other.

Trials are payable in cash on the trial day, please ensure you have the money to pay on the day.Its useful to see images of the dress/hair style/jewellery etc when discussing what sort of makeup look would suit the client, their colour theme and their outfit. Brides are welcome to show me images of the makeup looks they like. I can then discuss with the bride which colours would suit them once Ive seen their hair colour,eye colour and skintone. Please note many pintrest/ instagram images are highly edited. Trials are usually 2-3 months before the wedding and mostly completed on weekdays, as Saturdays are very busy with weddings. I can do Saturday trials sometimes out of season and I work 1 Sunday a month. I will send you my availability when your booking your trial. A bridal trial is approximately a 90 minutes -2 hours appointment. If you wish to book in for a longer trial or to try out numerous different looks please let me know this when booking your trial in. Bridesmaids/mums trials are for up to a 60 minute appointmentAdditional time is charged at £25 per hour. If you are late I will have to finish at the scheduled time.Trials are held at my home studio Ng24 3wb I can accommodate 2 clients in the studio, for multiple trials I can be mobile, please contact me to discuss your requirements.

General etiquette

I ask that you do not eat or make phone calls whilst I am working on your makeup. If you wish to see Makeup as we complete each step please ask and I will show you, I ask that you don’t look at yourself in a mirror or phone whilst I am applying makeup as this is very off putting. Please do not let your guests or children touch my kit, I have had items broken or people try to put fingers in products. If you or a member of your party breaks an item from my kit or puts fingers in products you will be charged for the product.Once your makeup has been applied, I provide you with lip products and a brush for touch ups. I am no longer liable for retouching your makeup due to eating/drinking etc after you have left the makeup chair. I arrange to arrive giving myself 10 minutes setting up time before beginning my first makeup Please ensure the first person is ready to begin as I work to a schedule with the makeup applications.I will send you a timetable for the makeup applications ahead of the wedding day.All clients will need to declare any allergies before makeup is applied. It is advisable that you let me know in advance. If any member of the party has a serious or contagious eye infection I am unable to apply eye makeup to them. I am unable to apply makeup to anyone who has open cuts or cold sores. I can provide disposable lip brushes for lipstick. I do not apply individuals own makeup unless discussed at the trial as I am unable to guarantee how it photographs or lasts on the day. This is also due to my insurance.

 If for any reason due to ill health or circumstances beyond my control I am unable to attend our booking, I will do my best to find a replacement artist. I will also refund the balance already paid.

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