About Me

I live in Fernwood, Newark with my husband and two children. I work part time as a makeup artist aswell as home educating my daughter.

Growing up I lacked confidence and experiemented with makeup trying to discover who I was. I loved the way makeup made (and still does) make me feel. My goal is always to enhance what you are already blessed with.

I went to University to study Psychology. It was whilst at university that I got a little obsessed with makeup counters and spent most of my student loan on beauty products and chocolate .

I was lucky enough to assist a makeup artist on photoshoots and it was from there I decided to take my passion and hobby and turn it into the career I have today. After graduating university I completed my education in makeup artistry and worked on perfecting my skills. I worked with children and young people with physical disabilities for a few years and progressed my way into a management position.After having my children I realised that I am not cut out to be a manager and that being self employed was the route I wanted to go down. I put all my efforts into my makeup artistry. I have now worked as a Makeup Artist for  10years , 7 of which it has been my only job. 

I have had my work published in magazines and have made over more than 1000 brides. Weddings are my passion and whilst I can do your instagram style of makeup my preferred style is timeless, elegant and romantic bridal makeup.

I cant tell you I have won lots of awards, because I havent. The truth is I have never even entered myself into those awards, im not a competitive person at all, i just love applying makeup.

When booking me, what I can promise you is that you get my complete attention on your wedding day , I will gladly fade into the background and will not get in the way. I am polite and friendly and my aim is to ensure everyone feels their best. Ive been told im good at helping to calm nerves and I love getting to know each of my brides individually.